Social media guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

The following definitions and disclaimers bind the use of the Australian Multiple Birth Association social media sites.

Please read carefully and completely the terms of the agreement that follows. By accessing any Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) social media presence, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not wish to be bound to the terms of this agreement, you must not access the sites.

Social media definition, guidelines and disclaimer

Social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities of shared interest and create, share or consume content. Globally, the interest and participation in social media is growing at a phenomenal rate. This interest extends to organisations such as the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) who are recognising that social media offers new opportunities to engage in conversations with individuals and other communities with shared interests. This document will cover AMBA’s social media use and contains the guidelines and disclaimers to appear on AMBA’s website and other social media tools.

Use of social media

AMBA is utilising social media in an attempt to:

  • Connect with families with or expecting multiples or with individuals who are twins, triplets or more
  • Connect with organisations which support AMBA or our families
  • Raise the awareness of the support and services offered by AMBA and its affiliated clubs
  • To promote clubs, their support, services and events
  • Share relevant, interesting and useful information with multiple birth families about parenting twins or triplets
  • Increase revenue for AMBA and affiliated clubs through formal product advertising/sponsorship agreements.

Social media engagement and content

AMBA may choose to like accounts on Facebook, videos on YouTube or follow accounts on Twitter that are involved with, relevant to, or actively discussing multiple-birth-related issues. We may also like or follow companies that provide goods or services for parents with multiples. Being liked by AMBA on Facebook or YouTube, or followed or retweeted by AMBA Twitter handles does not imply endorsement of any kind. Organisations that follow AMBA on social media will not automatically be followed or liked back.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and the like are public spaces on the Internet and interactions are publicly viewable and searchable over time. Links to relevant external websites, Facebook profiles, YouTube videos and Twitter accounts are provided as a convenience to users. Such sites and associated content are not under the control of AMBA. The inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of that website, service or person by AMBA. AMBA is not responsible for the content or reliability of links, or for any loss or inconvenience arising from their use.

Endorsement/advertisement of a company’s products will only occur once a formal advertising or sponsorship agreement has been entered into. Advertising posts will be formal posts. Questions by likers about products, eg prams do not constitute an endorsement of the product by AMBA.

Cross-promotion of another known support organisation or companies offering support or valuable services will happen on an ad-hoc basis. Posting on other pages helps to raise awareness of AMBA; posts do not constitute endorsements.

Opportunities will be taken to encourage businesses to advertise or sponsor AMBA.

Posts and tweets should be apolitical and adhere to AMBA’s Code of Ethics and protect AMBA’s brand.

Facebook posts/shares vary greatly and include but are not limited to the promotion of clubs, AMBA, AMBA states, ICOMBO, appropriate questions from likers, posts from known community/support organisations, memes/images that are along the lines of our community.

Facebook content

A spam filter has been applied for profanities. Posts may be deleted or hidden by administrators where they are not deemed suitable for the site.

Posts by individuals or companies may be deleted if they are deemed by administrators to be advertising, inappropriate or not in conformity with AMBA’s Code of Ethics. Where possible the advertisers will be contacted and provided with details about paid advertising options with AMBA or referred to the state/club relevant to the poster’s catchment area.

Users will be banned, if deemed appropriate by the administrators; where possible, banned users will be contacted to inform them of this action, however this is not technically possible unless the user has messaged the page.

Medical advice should not be given nor sought via social media. Members making such posts will be referred to their GP, child health nurse or relevant health care professional.

Social media policy

The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) actively embraces social media as a means of communication with, and between, individuals who are multiples, parents and carers of multiple birth children. AMBA’s Facebook page is provided as a forum for you to receive support and advice ‘from those who know’, share ideas and experiences, and connect and form friendships with others in the multiple birth community. You are reminded that Facebook is a public space on the internet and most interactions on the page are publicly viewable and searchable over time. For more information, read the Facebook Privacy Policy. These guidelines will help you understand which types of posts are acceptable and what type of content may be removed by administrators.

Acceptable posts and content

  • Content posted on AMBA’s Facebook page is public and can be viewed by your Facebook friends and by people you don’t know.

  • Statements, opinions and points of view expressed on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of AMBA or affiliated clubs.

  • When appropriate, and especially in cases involving health or relationships, AMBA recommends the advice of professionals.

  • We ask that you do not pass judgement on others' situations.

  • We ask that you respect our Facebook likers by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent.

  • Soliciting, for example for the purpose of product sales or services, and sales of second-hand items is not permitted. Contact AMBA or a club in your area ( for advertising options.

  • Prohibited posts include: postings that may be considered discriminatory or harassing, spam or junk type postings, profanity and pornography. Any posts that are inflammatory, abusive or put down others in any way will be removed.

  • AMBA reserve the right to edit or delete any posts or other items that they consider to be in breach of these guidelines in any way.

  • AMBA reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time.

  • Please note, all administrators volunteer their time to ensure we have a great forum.